Do You Need a Healdsburg, CA Mortgage Broker?

Burlingame Mortgage Broker Natasha Lovas

Whether You Are Buying a Home, Making an Investment or Refinancing, We Can Help!

Sara and I have guided hundreds of people through the home buying and refinancing process. If you choose to work with us, we will:

  • Help you put together a complete and comprehensive application, one that will highlight your qualifications
  • Explain your options and provide tools so you can choose the best home mortgage available in Healdsburg to meet your needs
  • Provide a custom spreadsheet that shows, in detail, all aspects of home ownership: the monthly payment, taxes, insurance, any Healdsburg HOA dues, closing costs and your specific tax benefits
  • Provide your realtor with a spot on pre-approval letter that will boost your offering power
  • Ensure all of your personal information is handled with the highest levels of security, privacy and discretion

We are hands on. We prepare all the paperwork, underwrite your file and deal with the lenders. We will work with you from start to finish, and won’t hand your file off to a mindless worker bee who doesn’t know you. You relax while we do the work!

The Process We Will Guide You Through

We will guide you through the entire home mortgage financing process, from start to finish. Let us help you achieve mortgage success through our five easy steps!

  • Step #1: Pre-Qualification
  • Step #2: Pre-Approval
  • Step #3: The Escrow
  • Step #4: Closing
  • Step #5: Keeping in Touch

Learn more about the home financing process here.
Natasha Lovas

Natasha Lovas — Healdsburg Home Financing Expert

As a trusted and experienced home mortgage loan consultant for Healdsburg residences, Natasha is a natural pick to guide you through the tricky home loan process. Her vast expertise, coupled with her efficiency and enthusiasm, ensures that you will get the right loan and the best rate. Before becoming a professional mortgage broker, Natasha was a civil litigator in San Francisco. While skilled at organizing and presenting cases, she realized her true strength was in advocating for her clients. So, in 1993, she took her litigation skills to the mortgage table. Her personalized approach is what has made her one of the most trusted and sought after loan professionals in the Bay Area. She loves helping people one-on-one with the most fundamental part of their lives: their homes.

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Are You Moving to Healdsburg – Did You Know?

Healdsburg is a beautiful small town in Northwest California that combines breathtaking landscapes, rolling hills and vineyards to give it the title of one of the top ten smallest towns in the country.

The Pomo people were the first settlers of the area, but in 1836 the first Anglo-American settlement was started. The city of Healdsburg was founded in 1850, and the first railroad made its way through in 1872.

Visitors and residents alike enjoy beautiful weather year round, with pleasant summers and winters rarely ever going below freezing.

Wine connoisseurs will love the variety of vineyards scattered throughout the small town. Dry Creek Vineyard is one of the most popular tours, with delectable food and wine pairings to sample, music and entertainment.

Gracianna Winery will pamper you with excellent service, and some delicious wines. Stroll the grounds and take in the amazing views, then head to the tasting room where you will see some magnificent architecture.

Savor Healdsburg Food Tours is another way to sample some delicious morsels. A wide variety of different foods is offered, from salads through dessert. The owners will assure you have a wonderful visit from beginning to end.

If you love outdoor adventure, head to River’s Edge. Here you can rent kayaks, canoes and paddleboards for a self-guided trip or take the gourmet brunch tour. It’s a wonderful outdoor excursion the whole family will love.

Not a fan of the water? Head to Wine Country Bikes and get ready for great exercise and beautiful views. Spectacular scenery awaits you no matter which tour you embark on. Stop along the way at a vineyard, or just ride along the coast and relax. Lake Sonoma is the best spot for some hiking and a relaxing picnic lunch. There is a fish hatchery where you can see the process of how they hatch and release the fish, which is quite interesting if you have never seen it before.

Treat your eyes and nose to the delights of the Russian River Rose Company. Stroll around 8 acres filled with over 60 varieties of beautiful roses. Take a tour to learn how roses are made into rose water and rose oil. The hummingbirds also love the scents of the gardens so keep an eye out for them.

For a different kind of tour check out Segway Tours and ride a Segway through the magnificent redwood forest. This is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

There are plenty of places to do some shopping around town. Search through Mill Street Antiques and you may find awesome treasures. Farmer’s Markets offer plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Moustache Baked Goods offer mouth-watering cupcakes and plenty of other delectable goodies.

The Healdsburg Museum and Historical Society is a great place to learn all about the history of the area. Healdsburg is also the location of the only Hand Fan Museum in the United States. View displays of exquisite and unique hand fans from all over the world.

Healdsburg is a quaint little town filled with plenty of sights and activities for any visitor. It is also a beautiful place to settle down and enjoy the beautiful scenery on a daily basis. 11,000 other residents have done just that. Make Healdsburg a definite on your next list of places to see.

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