San Francisco Refinance Stories: A Challenging TIC Conversion

Six years ago, three couples purchased a 3 unit building together on 24th and York Streets. They had only put down 10%, and they knew they would need to wait years to build up enough equity to refinance, not to mention waiting to see if they would ever win the TIC Lottery. One member of the group figured out a way to fast-track their conversion, and they were finally ready to refinance in March of this year. We started the process, and one of the owners changed jobs, so the process was delayed while he gave notice and received his first paycheck at the new job. As we moved through the process, two more of the owners switched jobs, which meant more documentation and patience on everyone’s part. (Actually, the last person who switched jobs didn’t remember to tell us, and we had no idea until we were performing our final audits!)   The entire process took about 75 days, but by the time we were ready to lock in their interest rates, they had gone down, so it was all good!