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Sonoma Mortgage Broker Natasha Lovas

Whether You Are Buying a Home, Making an Investment or Refinancing, We Can Help!

Sara and I have guided hundreds of people through the home buying and refinancing process. If you choose to work with us, we will:

  • Help you put together a complete and comprehensive application, one that will highlight your qualifications
  • Explain your options and provide tools so you can choose the best home mortgage available in Sonoma to meet your needs
  • Provide a custom spreadsheet that shows, in detail, all aspects of home ownership: the monthly payment, taxes, insurance, any Sonoma HOA dues, closing costs and your specific tax benefits
  • Provide your realtor with a spot on pre-approval letter that will boost your offering power
  • Ensure all of your personal information is handled with the highest levels of security, privacy and discretion

We are hands on. We prepare all the paperwork, underwrite your file and deal with the lenders. We will work with you from start to finish, and won’t hand your file off to a mindless worker bee who doesn’t know you. You relax while we do the work!

The Process We Will Guide You Through

We will guide you through the entire home mortgage financing process, from start to finish. Let us help you achieve mortgage success through our five easy steps!

  • Step #1: Pre-Qualification
  • Step #2: Pre-Approval
  • Step #3: The Escrow
  • Step #4: Closing
  • Step #5: Keeping in Touch

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Natasha Lovas

Natasha Lovas — Sonoma Home Financing Expert

As a trusted and experienced home mortgage loan consultant for Sonoma residences, Natasha is a natural pick to guide you through the tricky home loan process. Her vast expertise, coupled with her efficiency and enthusiasm, ensures that you will get the right loan and the best rate. Before becoming a professional mortgage broker, Natasha was a civil litigator in San Francisco. While skilled at organizing and presenting cases, she realized her true strength was in advocating for her clients. So, in 1993, she took her litigation skills to the mortgage table. Her personalized approach is what has made her one of the most trusted and sought after loan professionals in the Bay Area. She loves helping people one-on-one with the most fundamental part of their lives: their homes.

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Are You Moving to Sonoma – Did You Know?


First home to the Native American Coast Miwok tribes as well as the Pomo people and Wintuns, the town of Sonoma started with the foundation of Mission San Francisco Solano in 1823 by Father José Altimira of the Franciscan Order. Sonoma was the farthest north of all the California missions, and was connected by the Camino Real, or Royal Road. Mission San Francisco Solano was the last of the California missions to be established, and the only one founded after Mexico’s independence. El Pueblo de Sonoma was built in the standard form of a Mexican town, centering around the largest plaza in California, which was 8 acres large. The plaza has many surrounding historical buildings, including the Mission San Francisco Solano, Captain Salvador Vallejo’s Casa Grande, the Presidio of Sonoma, the Blue Wing Inn, the Sebastiani Theatre, and the Toscano Hotel.


Dating back to the original vineyards of Mission San Francisco Solano, Sonoma is considered the birthplace of wine-making in California. Improvements were made by Agoston Haraszthy, father of California viticulture, and he was credited with introduction of the Zinfandel/Primitivo grape varietal. The Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival is California’s oldest celebration of its winemaking heritage at the end of each September. Sonoma is historically significant as a remnant of the town’s Mexican colonial past. Many common things are named after the town, such as, Sonoma Jack Cheese, moist to very dry light colored cheese covered in chocolate powder and most credited to the Vella cheese making family; the GMC Sonoma, a compact pickup truck; and Intel’s “Sonoma” series processors.

Prime Location

The city is in the Sonoma Valley, with the Mayacamas Mountains to the east and Sonoma Mountains to the west, with its main known landform being Sears Point to the southwest. Sonoma has an area of 2.7 square miles of land, none of it covered by water, with a typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The main waterway in town is Sonoma Creek, flowing in a southerly direction emptying into the Napa Sonoma Marsh. There is the active Rodgers Fault lying to the west of Sonoma Creek, but the risk of major damage is mitigated by the fact that most of the soils beneath the city are made up of a slight alluvial terrace underlain by strongly cemented sedimentary and volcanic rock. There are a variety of birds, small mammals and amphibians that live in Sonoma.

Quality of Life

The main arterial road, Arnold Drive, running up the west side of Sonoma Valley, is named for General Hap Arnold, who was an aviation pioneer and commander of the United States Army Air Corps, as well as Arnold Field – a Football Field in Downtown Sonoma . Count Agoston Haraszthy created the first winery west of the Mississippi, with his first winery, Buena Vista, still existing today. Comedian and co-star on The Sarah Silverman Program, Brian Posehn, grew up in Sonoma. Notable places are The Valley of the Moon, Sonoma Creek, Sonoma Skatepark, Arroyo Seco Creek, Jack London State Historic Park, Quarryhill Botanic Garden, Sonoma Valley, Sonoma Developmental Center, Buena Vista Winery, Wine Country, and the Sonoma Train Town Railroad.

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