Why You Need Us

Yelp-ButtonApplying for a loan is a scary process. You bare your financial soul to a lender, then sweat bullets while waiting to learn if they think you’re good enough to borrow their money — it’s as angst-producing as waiting for your SAT scores all over again, or asking for that first date.  And just when you think you’ve jumped over all the hurdles and you’re finally done, the lender asks for another piece of paper to prove you’re still mortgage-worthy!Yes, it’s maddening, but we have guided hundreds of people through the process and 99% of them are still speaking to us!

Adding to these challenges, it’s really hard to get an unbiased comparison of rates, fees and lender programs, and to figure out the bottom line –how much is this house going to cost me on a monthly basis, and over time?  Does it make financial sense for me to do this?

Why do you need a mortgage broker?

If you choose to work with us, we will:

  • Help you put together a compelling application, one that will highlight your qualifications to lenders
  • Find you the best loan rate and program for your needs
  • Show you a whole range of options:  for each, the monthly payment, taxes, insurance, HOA dues, closing costs and bottom line figure of how much this will actually cost
  • Ensure your personal information is handled with the highest levels of security, privacy and discretion

My team works to make the process easy and fun. We’ll keep you laughing as we work together, or at least we’ll keep you from crying. We won’t submit your application until we’re sure it will be approved, and we’ll prepare all the paperwork, file it for you and deal with the lenders.

You relax while we do the work! What could be better?

Why Wait?

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